Stuart Andersen Pty Ltd

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Welcome to Stuart Andersen's website.

Stuart has more than forty years experience trading in Australian decimal coins and is now one of the largest dealers in PCGS graded decimal coins.
Most of the number 1 sets in the Australian PCGS set registry contain at least one coin purchased from Stuart Andersen Pty Ltd.
The coins on this site range from pleasant above average examples, suitable for the collector on a budget, to highest graded suitable for high end registry sets.
So please feel free to browse our stock.

A random selection of coins available:

Australia, 2006 Fifty Cent Gymnastics PCGS MS67


Australia, 2006-M One Dollar Commonwealth Games PCGS MS67


Australia, 2001 Fifty Cent Tasmania PCGS MS67


Australia, 1989 Five Cent PCGS MS66


Australia, 2004 Two Dollar PCGS MS69


Australia, 2014 Fifty Cent German New Guinea PCGS MS68



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